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RAMIRAN 2015 is focusing on closing the loop linking rural production and urban consumption systems and on the development of more sustainable solutions for the handling of residues.

Agriculture produces bioresources for food and increasingly also for material and energy provision. The majority of agro-products are used in urban areas where they are connected with waste and wastewater generation. On the one hand, these residues are actually disposed or inefficiently treated, on the other they have value for agricultural production.

Post Conference Workshops
11 September 2015

  • Animal manure processing workshop
  • Urban gardening workshop
  • Institute tour through TUHH
  • Art tour

The detailed programme is available under (programme)


Thematic areas

TA Quality fertilizers from residues
TB Sustainable soils
TC Advances in emission prevention
TD The bioresource challenge
TE Sustainable regions

16th International Conference Rural-Urban Symbiosis