Art at RAMIRAN2015

“Art is the queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world.” Leonardo da Vinci

The conference is not only an interface between rural and urban regions as well as between scientists, practitioners and politicians. It also shall connect the practical world with culture and art. Following artistically activities were carried during the conference to give it an communicative, but also enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere:


Acting for sustainability: A group of young researchers and practitioners with interdisciplinary experience in environmental governance uses theatre to promote intercultural dialogue on sustainability in the context of academic and public conferences. By combining scientific knowledge with artistic expression they appeal to the emotions, thus engaging their audience at a deeper level than can be achieved through mere intellectual argumentation and create a level of communication that engages participants with the heart as well as the mind.
(; Freiburg Science Theatre)

Art from tetrapak: Christiane Lüdtke is a Hamburg artist. Sculpturing is one line of her activities. At RAMIRAN 2015 she presents a further line: etchings from tetrapak materials. Etching is traditionally method of printmaking where a metal surface is used to create a relief, which delivers the printing matrix. Mrs. Luedke is using Tetrapak as printing matrix which gives the pictures a very lively structure. She presents funny etching from various human situations as well as book marks.

Rural-urban colors: Photographic images – original and artistically edited – were arranged to relaxing films for the conference breaks and upgraded with some statistical data to the conference for information. The focus of the images is on structures and colors from urban and rural environments taken from various distances. It ranges from extreme close-ups, where very small subjects appear in the photograph greater than life size up to photos taken with wide perspective.
(; BioResourceInnovation, BRI)

 Art at the Hamburg University of Technology: TUHH hosts various artworks ranging from photographs, over paintings up to sculptures, partly from internationally known artists (e.g. Hanne Darboven, Berto Lardera, Chui Wang, Alfred Mahlau). They are distributed within the buildings and the campus park. Some of the most impressive artworks were explained via a tour through the university. Information includes the manifold ways they came to the university, the techniques used and the partly difficult standing of art in a technical environment.

The cell factory: Biorefineries are the foundation of the biobased economy. The major actors in biorefinery systems are microorganisms. The complexity of the processes within a microbial cell was visualized via a 3-D-model with an almost 1-meter-diameter. The model represented a fungal cell including their organelles. Also various enzymes were visualized in 3-D-form. The exhibition unit is accompanied by biorefinery feedstockes and products.

16th International Conference Rural-Urban Symbiosis